*sings* It’s the best day ever, because we are now done with NOVEMBER and magically in DECEMBER. Christmas is coming! *okay, I’m done singing, too cold* But really, I wanted to let you guys know that I have published a small PDF E-Book on this website in the downloadable content store and to tell you why I made it as well as give a small walk through of it.

I will be working and slowly releasing downloadable content within the coming months and throughout the year. It will be similar to experiencing a year and a day and I thought what better way to bring in the new year than with a new workbook for everyone to start fresh, as well get some critiques from the witching community.

I created the cover on which is an amazing Royalty-Free Website. It also has covers for purchase that never really range out of $1 or two per design. I have only seen the Free and One dollar covers but know that it might range a bit higher depending on what you do and are looking for specifically. All initial covers are created by Graphic Designers and uploaded for the use of the community. The site is FREE mostly. I highly recommend it if you are searching for a quick and easy cover.


Inside the cover of the book is the essential and mandatory thank you (just kidding, but I really did want to thank you if you download it!)

All I really ask is that you leave me feedback about the workbook so that I can improve it as we go along, and essentially create a useable workbook filled with your feedback and critiques (let’s make it together – that’s the real reason this is a FREE workbook.)

There are a total of 24 pages, in the A5 Size, so for those of you with a 5.25×7 planner, you can punch holes in there that will make it fit your Hobonichi, or Happy Planners, etc.

Each page is reflective. I give you information and I want you to write about how you feel at that moment in time. I am currently working on the section about meditation, as that is actually where the book ends, and I urge you to watch my youtube videos about both meditation and astral projections. You can find my videos easily on the video page, but for a bit more convenience; I added them to those links above. Yes, I know my hair was a lot shorter back then. I kind of miss it, but I also love having my hair back. I also miss my phone but we can discuss that later!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your sunday.

Check out and download the workbook when you get a chance!