Youtube Pagan Challenge 2017

Hello and Happy Sunday!

So, we are 8 days into 2017 and on our second sunday of the year. I realize this post should have gone up at the same time as the video did but alas we cannot go back in time so that’s alright.

The first question for the YouTube Pagan Challenge is. . . *drum roll please* . . . .

“Show and Tell: What Type of Books do you prefer?”

Now I took this as a what types of books do you like to use as your book of shadows, and the short answer to that would be all natural styled books. A great example being the one in the video below. I also have close ups at the bottom of this page.


Thanks so much for watching and subscribing to my channel, and my blog. I appreciate all the views and such. If you would like to participate in the pagan challenge with all of us, then please apply to the facebook group: YouTube Pagans, and if you do not have a facebook then I will post a page dedicated to the YT Pagan Challenge.

Comment either below or on the video page on the BOS’ you love to use when one of them is filled up. As promised though, here are some close ups of my BOS.

As you can see it is a recycled style. And I love it, and I hope that we can learn and live in it together as the year progresses. Thanks so much for being a part of it and continue to support this channel/blog!