Witchy Sunday: An Empowering Experience | The Woman’s March

Happy Sunday to all!

I know, I know, this doesn’t look like the missing half to the banishing spell, and don’t worry it’s coming. I’ve been feeling better since I spoke the words of the banishing spell, and that in itself – to me – is a great improvement but the reason you aren’t seeing it today is because . . . . I spent my Saturday in Hartford, CT at a Rally/Peaceful Protest.

Can you guess which one?dscn0227


The Woman’s March.

Our rally was held on this side of the Capitol Building in Hartford. I learned a tiny bit about our CT history while I was here also, like the who these guys are. I knew who they were in name just not in the same sense as I did. . . Well, you get it. . . Anyway.

So instead of what I said you were getting for today’s Witchy Sunday. I was slightly caught off guard with the dates, and now enrolling in classes to finish up my first degree and then finally being done, until I move on to the rest of the schooling again.

I decided to post this video instead to document the experience of my first real protest and rally. It was an amazing experience, and I did it all with my mom. She was so pumped and motivated by the end of it that I was able to show her some new music, old for most but new for her. That was very empowering. Again, I’m referring to the music by Celia Farran. I taught her the lyrics to “Everyday Goddess” and “Symbol” and then we bonded over a “Song for Mananan”

What did you do this Saturday to empower yourself or others?