YTPC: How Do You Protect & Consecrate Your B.O.S. ? ? ?

Good Morning, and Happy Sunday!

Since the start of the YTP Challenge, I’ve been reading over each question and the latest question I seem to be stuck on is “How do you consecrate/protect your book?”


Now, I realize someone else may read it and go, what? You don’t already do that, and well to be honest.

No. I have rarely. . .or maybe never consecrated my book of shadows.

In my opinion as soon as I start my intentions in any book (or grimoires) that I choose to use will – without fail – contain the Wiccan Rede on the very first page or on the inside cover.

As you will see in the downloadable BOS I’ve provided beginners with.

So, I have researched ways to consecrate my book, and without further ado we will be consecrating this book together.

Watch the video below to see it!


So, the reason that we, witches, consecrate and protect our books are so that evil intentions don’t lurk as we write and learn.

As I was doing my research I came across a post on the Moonlight Shop about what you should and shouldn’t do with your BOS.

It’s a very short post but one part stopped me;
You should never let someone write in YOUR book.

Now to me, that’s just common sense and made me realize even more why you would want to protect your book. book-blessing

Something just clicked.

So, I found more about blessings and came across this and remembered that I have done a blessing once.

It was in a long time ago however, and the book has fallen apart since then.

(Photo curtesy of BING search.)

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